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If you are thinking of learning martial arts in Liverpool, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) blends the best parts of different martial art disciplines into one curriculum to create our advanced self defence training program.

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Advanced Self Defence

Our martial arts teachings will give you the ability to not only protect yourself from harm but also your family, friends and members of the public. The training not only teaches you what to do if you are attacked but also how to try and avoid the confrontation.

A big part of what we teach is how to avoid, and if need be, control confrontation without violence.

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Health Benefits

Learning martial arts and our advanced self defence system has all the health benefits of a well designed exercise class, gym session, HIIT work out, etc but with the added advantage of learning an important life skill that could save your life or that of a loved one.

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Martial Arts Classes

Our classes and seminars involve the very best parts of a variety of different martial arts and combat systems including the 6 styles below.


Krav Maga

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu



Kung Fu

More Than Just Self Defence

Our system uses technique and body mechanics rather than brute strength. The teachings can be used by people of all ages, height, gender, physical attributes, etc.

Your stamina and strength will increase through the training and it will make you fitter, stronger, faster and able to defend yourself, your family and friends.

Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts







All of our instructors are experts in their fields. They continue to train and are constantly looking to improve. That passion is shown in their commitment to help each student be the best that they can be and sets the right attitude and environment for each lesson.

If you’re looking to learn martial arts in Liverpool, then why not not come along and try our FREE trial class? We’re a friendly, open, inclusive and welcoming group and we would look forward to welcoming you.

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