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We run martial arts classes for older children and teenagers in Liverpool. The emphasis of the training changes as the children get older. Whilst we want to make all lessons fun, the classes become more focused on fitness, stamina, technique and more advanced forms of self defence.

Our classes are structured so that all of the children feel happy and safe. We work with charities to put together the structure of the class to ensure the children are happy and are less affected by the worries and insecurities that can develop as children get older.

A Happy Atmosphere

Developing Life Skills

Through martial arts the children develop a very healthy attitude towards life, nutrition, exercise and body image. They become better able to deal with the stresses and worries that can come from school life and maturing. The benefits of exercise on children also includes increased focus, concentration and brain cognition.


The discipline and respect that form part of our teachings set our young students up with the right attitude which they carry on through later life.

We believe the mental side of the training is just as important as the physical. We want to empower the children so they know they can achieve anything in life, whether that be in martial arts or in sports or academic achievement.

We find that the children make good friendships with their classmates and we closely monitor classes to ensure that everyone is being included.

The children will often work together in pairs, or small groups, and their confidence and social skills grow as they all train together.

All of our instructors are experienced with working with children, are DBS checked, first aid qualified, and fully insured.

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Boosting Body Confidence


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