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Employee Personal Safety Training

Our team offers UK wide employee personal safety training for people who might find themselves at risk during their employment. Sadly, a whole host of customer facing roles find those employees potentially vulnerable to attack. Knowing how to defend yourself is a vital skill that everyone should know.

Our work training Police Officers and other First Responders gives us the experience and skills that are necessary to be able to train your employees to keep them safe and to bring a safe working environment for others.

These courses are an excellent way to keep your employees safe and demonstrate that their safety is of the utmost importance. They are also a great team building session and boost morale through employees feeling safer and knowing that their safety is being put as a top priority by their employers.

Our employee personal safety training helps employers comply with their legal responsibilities under the Health and Safety Act, and others, to provide such training and equipment to keep their employees safe.

Keeping Your Employees Safe

One & Two Day Courses

In private industry our training is ideal for security personnel and teams, commercial flight crews, airport staff, hospital staff, retail staff, bank staff, civil servants, social care workers, school and university workers, etc.

We provide one and two day courses at your premises or we can arrange suitable local venues. We also provide one day refresher courses as well.

For groups of between 8 and 30 participants we will take them through the basics of self defence, awareness, how to handle threats, and how to de-escalate situations. The training allows people to understand the law and what constitutes reasonable force so that they know how to deal with a wide variety of different situations.

Tailored To Your Industry

The courses differ depending on the businesses requirement, the industry and the relevant risks. All centred around the employee being able to defend themselves and control any attacker, whether they be unarmed or have a weapon.

Our very experienced instructors will teach your employees our advanced self defence system in a safe and supportive environment. The aim of the training is to avoid a confrontation and escalation in the first place. If that isn’t possible, then we teach them the necessary skills to be able to protect themselves, their colleagues and members of the public.

The techniques aren’t complicated and can be used by anyone. They don’t require any prior experience, unusual physical strength, flexibility or coordination. Most people don’t naturally know how to safely defend themselves. Our courses fix that and make them much safer both at, and away from, work.

Different areas covered include;

• How to be safe in your daily life
• How to identify and assess a threat
• Use of body language
• How to maintain a safe distance
• How to escape and evade the confrontation
• How to de-escalate a situation
• Defensive stances
• How to block strikes
• How to escape holds, throat grabs, headlocks, pins, etc
• Self defence techniques
• What constitutes reasonable force

We are realistic with regards to what can be taught to participants of different abilities and ages. Technique is far more important than size and strength.

Please do get in touch here if you would like more information, or to arrange training.

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