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Family Classes

Our Family martial arts classes are some of our most popular classes where families train together in the same class. Children from the age of 7 are allowed to take part in these classes with no limit on adult age. Children often train with their brothers, sisters, cousins, parents, aunties, uncles, and even grandparents.

It is rather a unique opportunity to train and grade as a family at the same time and event. There is an enormous amount of family pride in learning new skills together and rising through the grading belts. And everyone makes new friends in the classes.

Learn Together As Family


Our energetic classes, and body confident message, helps children and adults alike be fit and healthy and helps with their mental health.

Some of our members have done lots of different sports before, some have not. Some have done other martial arts although the vast majority have not. Some have done very little sporting activity before. It matters not, all are welcome and will settle in quickly to our friendly classes.


Team Work

Our new members quickly make good friendships with their fellow students. Different age groups are grouped together and we closely monitor classes to ensure that our students are with others of a similar level of experience and that they are happy and comfortable.

Students will usually work together in pairs, or small groups, with lots of different activities and techniques in each class to keep it interesting and engaging.

The training for older children and adults also includes how to protect yourself from attacks with weapons like knives, bats, bottles, etc. The training is handled sensitively and everyone progresses at a rate that is right for them. We use a team of different instructors, with different skill sets and martial arts experience, to ensure all of our students get a rounded education and learn only the very best and most effective techniques.

If you’re interested in coming along to one of our family martial arts classes you would be made very welcome. We have Academies based in Liverpool and you can book a FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL lesson with no obligation, or you can call us on 0151 601 5455 if you have any questions.


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