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Our MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) classes, for everyone from 4 years old and up, run on a belt and grading system.

You do not have to grade, and certainly not each time, but gradings are held through the year. There is no pressure to grade and everyone progresses at their own rate. You will not be pushed to move on until you feel confident and ready to do so. 

Most of our students do grade and enjoy the challenge and satisfaction that comes from the hard work to move up the belt grades. The more sessions you attend, the quicker you will learn and the faster you will be able to grade.

Gradings include the new belt, certificate and branded teddy for the under 12’s.

Private gradings are also available for those who can’t attend the normal group grading sessions.


The curriculum runs through the belts from;

White Belt
Yellow Belt
Orange Belt
Orange Black Belt
Green Belt
Green Black Belt
Purple Belt
Purple Black Belt
Blue Belt
Blue Black Belt
Red Belt
Red Black Belt
Black Belt


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