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Kickboxing Liverpool: Kickboxing is a hybrid martial art involving techniques to strike and block with punching, kicking, elbow strikes and knee strikes. Kickboxing can be used for self defence, fitness or as a contact sport. In our Academies we focus on self defence and fitness and incorporate the skills used in kickboxing into a great workout that will teach you the skills needed for self defence, get you fit and build your confidence.

Kickboxing is a great form of self defence, especially when combined with the other martial arts that we incorporate into our syllabus.

Punching will involve many of those skills mentioned in the boxing section on this website. The kicking techniques will include push kicks, side kicks, roundhouse kicks and spinning back kicks. It really is an all over workout!

Our teachings also include a variety of different striking techniques involving elbows and knees.

We not only teach offensive moves during our classes but we also incorporate defensive moves designed to help keep you safe. On the defensive side we will teach you how to block, parry, cover up, clinch and slip any strikes.

Like all martial arts, it’s great for general fitness and provides a really good cardio and strength work out. Learning these techniques are not only great as a cardio workout but can also be very beneficial for your confidence and mental health.

If you’re interested in learning kickboxing as part of a Mixed Martial Arts and self defence class then why not come along to one of our Academies in Liverpool? Our Academies are family friendly and welcome all abilities. Classes are available to all ages from 4 years and up and include family classes where you can learn, train and get fit together! Book a FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL today!


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