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Advanced Self Defence


Advanced Self Defence Liverpool: Our martial arts training gives you the ability to protect yourself and your family and friends from harm. The training from our team of nine instructors not only teaches you what to do if you are attacked but also how to avoid it.

A big part of what we teach is how to avoid, and if need be, control confrontation without violence, however, should the situation arise we teach the skills needed to defend yourself, or others, from harm.

The curriculum and seminars are carefully planned by our team of experienced trainers to develop your mixed martial arts and self defence techniques whilst also providing a balanced full body work out that will build muscle and stamina.

A lot of our members come to us after becoming bored of traditional gym sessions or exercise classes. Learning skills as you train and working through the optional grading system is an excellent motivator and seeing your self defence skills develop can also boost confidence and improve mental wellbeing.


Our lessons are varied and you will progress at a rate that is quick enough for you to be effectively learning new techniques but without being overwhelmed or rushed. We want you to be confident in what you have learned before rushing on to the next technique or skill. You progress at your own rate with no pressure.

The classes are suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels with most of our new students having no previous martial arts or self defence experience. The classes are friendly, welcoming and inclusive and you will quickly make friends with your fellow members as you train alongside each other. Our club promotes a community feel and you will be training with a wide variety of people of different ages and backgrounds.

If you are interested in trying advanced self defence in Liverpool, why not come along and try one of our FREE TWO WEEK TRIALS and meet the instructors and sample the friendly atmosphere for yourself? You will be made very welcome.


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