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Ladies Only

Our dedicated women’s self defence classes in Liverpool, and indeed our mixed adult classes, are a great way to learn an advanced self defence system in a safe and supportive environment.

They focus not only on the ability to physically defend yourself, but also on avoiding conflict and dangerous situations, controlling confrontations, and safely escaping.

Training with us will also increase your fitness, strength and stamina. It is a great way to tone up and lose weight and is similar to a really good gym class or HIIT session in terms of cardio and strength work. You will also improve your flexibility, balance, posture, coordination and general well being.

Train Tone Improve 

Increase Confidence

Suitable for all ages over 16, and all abilities and fitness levels. No prior martial arts or self defence training is required. Virtually all of our new members start with no prior martial arts experience. You’ll make new friends and find an improved level of self confidence.

Tailored to You

We will teach you how to defend yourself against all manner of different attacks and threats. You will train in a safe, friendly and supportive space. The class is specifically structured around the threats and risks that women can face in a variety of different scenarios.

Our team of experienced male and female trainers are friendly and approachable and whilst the training is serious you will also have fun with your fellow students.

We provide all of the equipment, all you need to bring is enthusiasm!

If you are interested in a women’s self defence class in Liverpool, or you are looking for a new way to train and get fit healthy while learning valuable skills and growing your confidence then please do get in touch.

You can book a FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL here with no obligation, or you can call us on 0151 601 5455 to find out more.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our Academies soon!



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