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Here at MMA Defence we have adapted our syllabus and the way we train as a result of Coronavirus to make sure it is safe and at a social distance.

Following the recent update on restrictions from the Government we will be open again for outside classes on Monday 29th March. We then expect to move back inside from Monday 12th April. 

As we use school facilities you can be assured that how we run classes has been approved by the school, the Local Educational Authority, and both Local and National Government.

Each person/family group will stand in a clearly marked section that will be at least 2 metres from the next member to ensure we are all training at a social distance.

The classes are all separated with a gap to allow those students to leave before the next class arrives.

We are encouraging all members to have their own boxing gloves and each family group or individual has a pair of focus pads. You can still use our communal equipment and they will be sanitized after each use with anti-bacterial and anti-viral solution.

All members can arrive, train, and leave without ever coming into contact with another member.

Families will train together. Mums, Dads, brothers, sisters, etc will train together in their own family bubble separated from everyone else.

A Safe Environment

Keeping Everyone Safe

All Little Lions will need an adult or teenage member of their family with them to train at these classes until the Government rules are relaxed further.

Don’t worry if you are a Family Class or Ladies member training on your own. We have plans in place so you will still have a great session and will learn the techniques.


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