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Police & Emergency Services Self Defence Training

Our experienced instructors provide self defence training to the Police, Paramedics, Ambulance staff, Fire Service staff, as well as private security staff.

We have developed a reputation of providing the very best and most effective, self defence training both to members of the public and to these first responders.

Our training is delivered by experienced instructors and is designed to be both easy to to master and highly effective. There is no requirement for any previous experience as our instructors can tailor courses to meet the needs of the individual groups.

This training is important to give the people doing these jobs the confidence they need when dealing with highly charged and stressful situations. As well as self defence techniques we teach de-escalation skills to diffuse potential flashpoints and keep people safe in an extremely demanding profession.

Highly Effective Training

Our active involvement with training police officers and first responders around the UK is testament to the quality and effectiveness of our training and the techniques that we teach.

We train at all levels from new recruits to those with many years of active service experience. These are key skills that need to be refreshed and updated and our training does this to achieve maximum impact to all of the groups attending.

Stress Tested

Our training is stress tested by the first responders that put themselves in harm’s way every day. This way we can ensure that we are offering quality relevant training to the people who need it most.

We can offer our training across the UK either at your establishment or a suitable location nearby. We provide all equipment needed and are fully insured to carry out the training.

If you are interested in booking self defence training for the police, ambulance or fire services, or you need training for private security staff,  please do get in touch with us here, we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.


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