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Weapons Defence

Weapons Defence  Liverpool: Sadly the use of weapons, and particularly knife crime, has seen an increase over the years.

We combine the best elements from a range of martial arts to develop a highly effective form of weapons defence.

The methods we employ are based around easy to remember techniques that can be used in high stress situations.

There are a variety of techniques for different situations but all focus on not only blocking an attack but also pinning the aggressor and immobilising the weapon so they can’t continue to try and strike.

The systems are taught to the police forces, first responders and military all over the world. We have adapted them where necessary for civilian use. They can be used by anyone regardless of their age or physical ability.

All of the techniques are designed to be easy to remember so that they can be used in high stress situations.

We are offering a FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL at the moment so that you can come along and experience the class and meet the other students. Why not come along and see how Weapons Defence Liverpool could benefit you and your family? Book your FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL here!


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